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The whole birth is controlled by one obstetrician, it means there is no change of the physian e.g. during the rotation of duties. It is an experienced obstetrician with the highest qualification in the field (2nd postgradual certification) capable to finish the birth operatively when necesserily needed who does not need to consult his decision with anybody else. As a rule it is a physician who the patient has been visiting in the antenatal clinic so she knows him (and he knows her) and who has been opted by her.

In the first and in the second birth time the woman in labour has her own separate room so that she is not in a company of other ones. She can be accompanied to the birth by anybody, it means not by her husband only.
After the birth she can be hospitalized in a single-bed room with its own social facilities, TV set, fridge and if needed with a phone. During the stay in hospital she will be provided with exclusive food (choice from 6 meals – 1 standard one and 5 above-standard ones). There is no limit regarding the number of visits.

The delivery theatre is designed in a more or less classical style. However, we try to conduct the birth non-violently without giving medicaments unnecesserily and we exercise neither any clichés nor obligatory procedures.

It depends on the patient´s point of view whether she would ask for applying the clysma. But we consider it as not necessary. Regarding the shaving of the genitals, as a rule only the perineum will be shaved, where there the stitching of an incision or of a crack can be anticipated however even this is not necessary. In the both cases the patient´s wishes will be fully respected because the shaving and the clysma before the birth are not sometimes felt by the patients positively and at the same time their medical importance is negligible.

The patients are given the movement freedom during the first (and partially the second) birth time and they are not forced to take up a certain position. They can spend this time in a shower, on a special air ball and the like. In order to reduce the labour pains we use, after the consulation with an anaesteziologist, the epidural analgesy. The birth itself, which means several last minutes after the second birth time, takes place on a classical obstetrical bed in the half-seating position. This position is preferred by us even if – in accordance with the possibilities of a classically equipped delivery theatre – special patient´s wishes can be met. However, there is no labour chair and no bath for the in-water birth (these variations are already being left all over the world). Immediately after the birth, when it is the mother´s desire, the child can be laid on her belly and, as it case may be, an attempt of the first breast-feeding can be undertaken.

Episiotomy, the perineum incision, is usually done in accordance with the ongoing development of the birth, the perineum pliability and with the consideration of the anticipated weight of the new-born baby.

After the birth the mother stays for two hours in the delivery theatre, and when the child is in a good condition, she can have it with her. Then she is transferred to her single-bed room and as soon as she is capable of taking the care of the child by herself (i.e. she can walk after 6 hours after having given the birth) she will get it. There is a full rooming-in applied in the department, but, if the mother is tired, she can agree with the nurses on another regime, e.g. that the child will placed for the night in the neonatal department.
The stay in hospital usually takes from 3 to 4 days and it is decided by the pediatrician according to the child´s condition.
In no case we are a clinic oriented on purely “natural” or “alternative” obstetrics but we try to find a certain compromise between these principles and the medical conduction of the birth with the endeavour to shorten the time of the birth as much as possible, to make it possibly less painful and primarily in no case to jeopardize the child.

In accordance with the declaration of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic foreign female patients from EU may undergo an artificial abortion here, which means that also in our MEDA gynaecologic clinic.


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