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In accordance with the declaration of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic foreign female patients from EU may undergo an artificial abortion here, which means that also in our MEDA gynaecologic clinic.

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Every female citizen from European Union may legally undego an artifical abortion in the Czech Republic, even in the case they would come intentionally for this purpose only and  spend some few days here.


Mini abortion

At the present the most of the pregnancy interruptions are performed by the vacuum aspiration method, i.e. by means of suction. Such procedure means that the cervix will be slightly extended, usually up to 6 – 8 mm, a small plastic tube will be introduced into the uterus cavity and the pregnancy will be sucked of by the underpressure. Then the removal of the tissue rest follows by means of the so-called currette. This procedure can be performed roughly till 8 weeks from the first day of the last menstruation. It is obvious that the whole intervention is performend under the general anaesthesia. Should the performance be done in the anaesthesia it is always performed in the surgery, i.e. the woman can go home ca 2 hours after the intervention.

Abortion in the higher stage of pregnancy

The procedure of the pregnancy interruption of the higher stage is principally the same with the only difference that the cervix needs to be extended more and after the suction of the rests of placenta will be removed by the currette.

Legal arrangement

The whole issue of the artificial pregnancy interruption in the Czech Republic is governed by the law ČNR 66/1986 Sb. and the regulation of the Ministry of Health 75/1986 Sb. Principally it says that the pregnangy, in accordance with a woman´s desire, can be interrupted till the end of the 12th week of the pregnancy since the first day of the last menstruation. The pregnancy interruption must be applied for in a special form in which the woman will confirm with her signature that she applies for the pregnancy interruption and her attending gynaecologist puts down his/her finding together with the conclusion that the pregnancy may be interrupted. In fact the only reason preventing  is the reality that the person has undergone the interruption in less than 6 months ago. This condition is stipulated in the law and does not concern the women with at least two births or who are older than 35 years.
If the applicant is not major the law distinguishes two groups: till 16 years of age the approval of parents or their legal representative is required, after the 16 years of age the woman is entitled to decide about her pregnancy already by herself and approval of her parents is not needed, however, the performance of the intervention should be announced to the parents by the medical clinic additionally.


The artificial pregnancy interruption is not covered by health insurance companies.

Time of the interventions?

The interventions are made every day in the morning hours in three batches. According to the previous agreement the patient comes at 7.45, 10.15 or 11.30. If the performance is planned in the general anaesthesia it is absolutely necessary that the patient comes with an empty stomach, i.e. at least 8 hours before the performance she must not eat, drink nor smoke! After the finished performance the patient catches up on sleep under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist in the room next to the surgery theatre.


It is highly recommended that the patient has an acompaninment and the transfer by car. It must be taken into account that the rest of anesthetics remains in her organism for some hours and they can lead to reducing the attention. Therefore, the woman after anaesthesia must not drive a motor car for the whole day! It is also inappropriate to travel by public transport means. If there is no acompaninment after the finished performance we order her a taxi for her.

Any questions concerning these issues we are ready to answer to our patients and collaborating physians on the telephone numbers 266 08 3239 - 40

In accordance with the declaration of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic foreign female patients from EU may undergo an artificial abortion here, which means that also in our MEDA gynaecologic clinic.


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