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One of the advantages of our clinic is the effecting of the surgical intervention under short anaesthesia without any long waiting. Our female clients can leave for their homes in a short time without any stress or pain.

YOU just call for the reservation and WE take care of everything.

Our clinic of gynaecology and obstetrics exists since 1992. Its activities are performed in the highest possible quality in the modern premises.

All of our doctors have the highest qualification in their profession (certification), some of them even in more professions. Our middle medical is highly qualified and experienced, too.

Meda is one of few institutions performing apart from the outpatient care also the one-day surgery. There is an operating theatre with the permanent presence of an anaesthesiologist in our premises. Complicated surgical interventions with a necessary hospitalization are performed in the premises of the Clinic of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the Hospital on Bulovka (Nemocnice na Bulovce).

We cooperate with a series of renowned certified institutionss and laboratories in the Czech Republic.


  • COP plus (Centre for the Prevention of Oncology – Ca of the cervix)
  • EUC (laboratory for chemistry, microbiology and virology)
  • Spadia Lab a.s. (laboratory for genetics and diagnostics)
  • GHC Genetics (laboratory for genetics)
  • CNM (Centrum nukleární medicíny Praha)
  • Proton Therapy Centre Praha
  • Mamma Centrum (Breast Unit) Háje and Hradčanská

and series of other centres and institutions where we may arrange for both consortia examinations and for overtaking the care.

Our doctors:

MUDr. Jiří Novák
gynaecologist and obstetrician
management of the clinic
MUDr. Otakar Tesař
chief physician,
gynaecologist and obstetrician
management of the clinic
MUDr. Ladislav Muška
gynaecologist and obstetrician,
MUDr. Jiří Chaloupecký MBA
gynaecologist and obstetrician,
MUDr. Vladimír Vacek
Gynecologist specialist
in UZ diagnostics
MUDr. Marcela Meixnerová
gynaecologist and obstetrician,
MUDr. Květa Vítová
senior consultant
of anaesthesia

Detached department - Health Centre Mazurská, Praha 8 - Bohnice

MUDr. Roman Soldán
gynaecologist and obstetrician
doc. MUDr. Luděk Fiala, PhD.
gynaecologist and obstetrician, sexologist

Our nurses:

Bc. Gabriela Werthaimová
nurse in charge,
head of operating theatre
As. Alena Dvořáková
gynaecological nurse
Mgr. Lenka Chvátalová
gynaecological nurse
Mgr. Nicole Nováková
reception manager
and PR communication of operating theatre
As. Barbora Šulcová
gynaecological nurse,
detached department Mazurská
Markéta Chauturová
gynaecological nurse
Martina Eliášová
gynaecological nurse of operating theatre
Aneta Merežková
gynaecological nurse

We cooperate very intensively with the doctor engaged in the psychosomatic medicine, Mrs MUDr. Ivana Rusnáková, who passed a special training and for 10 years worked in San Francisco in the USA under the guidance by SIU YAKOTI M.D. from Japan.

The manager of the Clinic for the marketing and cooperation including business relations is
Mgr. Marek Novák MBA,
The administration assistant of the Clinic
Lucie Študentová

Surgical interventions performed in the frame of the one-day gynaecological surgery under ultra short anaesthesia or analgesia:

  • UPT(AIP)Artificial interruption of pregnancy
  • RCUI Revision after a spontaneous abortion
  • PC Probatorní curretage
  • HS Hysteroscopy
  • IUD inserting an intrauterine device under anaesthesia
  • Hymenotomy (correction of a hymen)
  • Hymen re-suturing on the patient´s wish
  • Vagina suturing after an assault of the vaginal wall
  • KN Conisation of the cervix LOOP
  • Cervix plastic surgery ( Sturmd.-Palmrich)
  • Surgical extirpation and chemical extirpation of the Bartholini´s glands (2 phases)
  • Cystocele plastic surgery (anterior vaginal plastic surgery)
  • Rectocele plastic surgery (posterior vaginal plastic surgery)
  • Ultrasound HSG (Fallopian tube patency)
  • Labia plastic surgery and a cosmetic correction of the vulva
  • Episiotomy re-sutures and re-sutures with the post-laparotomy plastic scar correction
  • Incision of abscesses in scars and their treatment
  • Extirpation of warts and of pigment signs in the vulva region
  • Extirpation of an inappropriate device from the vagina alternatively from the rectum
  • Piercing in the vulva region on the patient´s wish


In accordance with the declaration of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic foreign female patients from EU may undergo an artificial abortion here, which means that also in our MEDA gynaecologic clinic.


Doctor´s office:
Budínova 67/2
180 00 Praha 8 -Libeň

Office hours:
Monday, Thuesday        8:00 - 16:00
Wednesday, Thursday   8:00 - 18:00
Friday                            8:00 - 15:00

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